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From: JoAnn Silverstein, Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

Raj has extensive research experience and a firm understanding of various scientific investigation techniques. He has applied this knowledge towards the study of disciplines like handwriting analysis, astrology, and palmistry. I am sure that Raj's work will provide readers with a scientific insight into new age subjects.

From: Thomas Holsen, Professor, Clarkson University

I was skeptical when Raj told me that he was investigating new age fields like handwriting analysis, astrology, and palmistry. However, after assessing his work, it is clear that he is performing rigorous and unbiased scientific studies. I support his approach, and believe that people who are keen on the new age area will particularly enjoy reading his material.

From: Tom Hess, Professor, University of Idaho

I commend Raj for venturing into the new age field. His research is backed by hard science and is convincing to both the scientist and to individuals interested in the new age area. This work is important to the field, providing reliable and measurable statistical inference which, to-date, has been lacking in such literature.

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