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What Are New Age Fields

The new age arena includes handwriting analysis, palmistry and astrology. In reality these are ancient areas that have been in existence for 100s of years. Graphologists, astrologers and palm readers claim they can predict events and personality from an individual's handwriting, astrological chart or palm.

The Basic Problem with New Age Disciplines

The statements of practitioners in these fields are not backed by scientific studies. As a result, it's impossible to depend on anything written or said in these subjects.

Dr. Paode's Investigation into New Age Fields

Raj has explored new age areas for many years and made the surprising discovery that some claims are partly true, and also very beneficial. His research endeavor in the new age arena has been approved by faculty at U.S. institutions.

IPART Publishing Mission

His company IPART Publishing is dedicated to the production of science based new age literature. The company aims to provide individuals interested in this sphere accurate and reliable information, which can be applied with confidence.

Handwriting Research for Detecting Persons with Possible Potential for Extreme Violence

Dr. Paode has proved that there are significant differences between the writing of normal people and individuals involved in rampages like Columbine, Virginia Tech and Newtown. His book The Scientific Handwriting Analysis Method for Stopping Gun Violence" will definitely contribute towards identifying and helping very unstable and dangerous persons, and preventing them from committing terrible acts.

Study of Sun and Moon Signs

Dr. Paode has unveiled the true portrait of sun and moon sign characteristics, compatibility, and marriage effects. The Scientific Truth about Sun and Moon Signs: Get the Facts on Their Role in Your Marriage and Personality is based on his investigation. The book will always be a trusted source of help with challenges in your personal, social and professional life.

Investigation on Relationship Lines on the Palm

Dr. Paode has made the surprising discovery that relationship lines do impact marriage occurrence. From his book The Scientific Truth about Relationship Lines on the Palm: Get the Facts on their Role in the Number of Times You Marry you will get an estimate of the most probable and also the maximum number of times you can expect to wed.

Dr. Paode
Dr. Paode
Better Predictions Through Research
What Experts Say

Will provide readers with a scientific insight into new age subjects.

Professor J. Silverstein
University of Colorado

Rigorous and unbiased scientific studies.

Professor T. Holsen
Clarkson University

Convincing to both the scientist and to individuals interested in the new age.

Professor T. Hess
University of Idaho


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